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Long Beach Fire Department Fitness and Wellness Program



Physical Agility Testing

Biddle Physical Agility Test - Video. For more information contact Santa Ana College.


Biddle and Firefighter fitness career information - PowerPoint



Physical Fitness Handbook



LBFD Physical Agility Test




LBFD Physical Agility Test - Video.




Body Mechanics Video Series

The Power Band Workout

Circuit Training - Wellness in the Gym. Develop strength, endurance,flexibility and coordination with Corey Howe MS, NASM, FMS.

Biomechanics of a Healthy Back using a Physio-Ball. With Corey Howe MS, NASM, FMS.

Nutrition Boot Camp - By Kristy Richardson, MS, MPH, RD, CSSD, CHES. An LBFD Training/Santa Ana College Fire Technology Department Fitness & Wellness video production on basic nutrition for Firefighters.

Myofacial Release - LBFD Exercise Physiologist, Corey Howe teaches simple techniques to release restrictions and restore connective tissue and muscle health.

Healthy Back - Steven Leyra demonstrates stretches and exercise techniques to help maintain a strong and healthy back. 43 minutes.

Back Stability program for Fire and Police. 9 minutes.

Core Stability program for Fire and Police. 12 minutes

Part 3 - Machine Exercises with Corey Howe

The Benefits of Eating Ground Flaxseed - by Corey Howe MS, NASM, FMS.