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2013A Recruit Graduation Video

Class of 2013A Graduation Video

Rescue Systems 2

Video highlights from the 1st Regional Rescue Systems 2 class recently taught at LBFD Training
Highlights from the 1st Regional Rescue Systems 2 class recently taught at LBFD Training.

LBFD Training Tower Dedication

Kent Holliday Video
A historical documentary of the Long Beach Fire Department Training Center and events leading up to the November 16, 1964 tragedy that cost one young firefighter his life.

Wellness 2013

High Intensity Circuit Training Video

High Intensity Circuit Training Quiz


RT 130 Wildland Refresher


USAR Rescue of Tree Trimmer

Video of Tree Trimmer Rescue

Video of the 2012A Lateral Recruit Academy Graduation.

Here are some photos of the 2012A graduation.

Thermal Images of Academy 2012A Live Fire Training

Link to  Lateral Recruit Acadamy live fire training TIC Images

Lateral Recruit Academy 2012A Day 2 Photos

RIC Operations Video

For more information on training for RIC operations click here.

Civilian Deaths & Civilian AND Firefighter Injury Incidents on the Rise at Restaurants Using Liquid CO2


Heavy Equipment and Rigging Drill Video

Heavy Equipment and Rigging Drill Video

8 Step Process with Dr. Resurreccion


MOBEX 2011 Video

Link to MOBEX video

Ladder Testing Video

Why we test ladders annually
Annual Ladder Test Video

Long Beach Regional Training Center Multi Agency Drill on March 16
VideoLong Beach Regional Training Center Multi Agency Drill 01/16/11

Area E Regional Hazmat Drill

Area E Regional Hazmat Drill Video

Kitchen Table Critique of 55th Way Fire
Kitchen Table Critique of 55th Way Fire
A Firefighter self extricates at an apartment fire and rescues a 2 year old child.

The Southern Area Firefighter Research (SAFER) held a monthly meeting at LBFD. Part of this was a demonstration of the videoconferencing system with Downey Fire, our Headquarters classroom and a live feed to the web. This link is a recording of the opening comments.

Long Beach Fire Department Fire Academy Skills Videos

Wildland Progressive Hose Lays & Hand Tools Video Link to Progressive Hose Lays Video

Golden Guardian Port Protector Exercise Video. The multi agency drill was conducted at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach.

Video of SFX & Pyro Demo

SFX and pyrotechnic demonstration Video from the Fire Safety Officer Class.

POLB Crane Rescue Drill with photos and video.

Camper Fire video - Timed recording of a fire progressing from the incipient phase to the free burning phase in a typical 22 foot camper.

Large Area Search Video Long Beach Fire Department procedures for deploying a search rope.

Recruit Video - The class of 2008 demonstrating some of the props at the Long Beach Fire Training Center.

Strike Team Photos of The LBFD Northern California brush fire deployment.

Fire Training Video Footage Station 1 practiced vertical ventilation and forcible entry and exit at this 330 E. 3rd St drill.

Fighting Fire with a Hand Pumper Video of the Long Beach Fire Museum staff and equipment. The 1897 Hugo Mehr Class 3 Pumper holds 20 Gallons of Water and has a 50 foot hose. It was made to be pulled by hand and can be filled by a suction hose or bucket brigade.

Fire Station 24 - Grand opening photos.

Fire Station 24 - Photos of the new Terminal Island facility.

2008A Graduation Photos - Part one, includes action shots, Oath, Recruit of Class and Class Plaque presentations.
2008A Graduation Photos - Part two, the Badge Ceremony with Chief Ellis and family members.

Live Fire Video 2008A recruits practice interior fire attack in O'Cadys Hotel.

Another night evolution was vertical ventilation on the Tooth Motel with active fire through the roof.

2008A Block 4 Photos.

Helipad photos - Long Beach Fire, in conjunction with LA County Fire and Long Beach Police Department practice highrise helicopter team insertions.

2008A Photos - LBFD Training Academy Block 3 Recruit Skills.

Recruit training - The Class of 2008A Block 1 Skills test and photos of Block 2.

Extrication Video - Lakewood Blvd. and the 405 Freeway on 2/25/2008.

Block 1 Photos - Days 17 to 24 in the LBFD Academy.

USAR Continuing Education photos. USAR certified personnel at Training on Monday February 18, 2008. The topic was "Raker Shores".

Highrise Fire with a fatality. Galaxy Towers 3rd alarm footage by On Scene Video.

Ropes, Knots and Hitches A few Block 1 instructional knot videos have been posted.

Recruit Class 2008A Week 1 stations included EMT Skills, Container Tools and Ropes & Knots Introductions.

Crash 1 Video  with audio of a single engine Alert 2 response at the Long Beach Airport.  One person onboard an aircraft with landing gear problems makes a belly landing on runway 30.

The Ride to Remember 9-11 Video of the 9/11 Remembrance Ride on the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The day started with an afternoon motorcycle ride that began at the historic Cooks Corner biker bar, headed down El Toro Road to Laguna Canyon Road, hooked up with Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at Joe's Crab Shack in Long Beach. From there, several hundred firefighters, friends and family rode to Firefighter Biggerstaff's home for a memorial remembrance of our fallen heroes and how we came together as a country.

Operation Golden Phoenix  Video of the first responding US&R strike teams to the simulated earthquake drill. Two CH-53 helicopters transported the teams from Long Beach Fire Station 24 to the Rose Bowl. There they performed a primary search, marked hazardous materials and located two trapped victims.

Live Extrication video - East Long Beach. An extensive extrication operation requiring multiple companies. To successfully remove the trapped victim firefighters had to perform a roof removal and a dash push.

2007 Stand Down for Safety video of the Long Beach Fire Department is a recap of what we do on a daily basis and what we must continue to do to be Ready to Respond.

USAR video.  The Long Beach Advanced Rope Rescue Course conducted by Ropes That Rescue, Inc. at The Queen Mary.

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LARTU - Los Angeles Regional Training Unit.

RIC Standby Mode Procedures Video  Covers setting up the equipment pool and performing reconnaissance of the structure.

Ladders, Ventilation and Forcible Entry Recruit training with field application of ladder raises, vertical and horizontal ventilation and forcible entry techniques.

Hoselays An LBFD Training video covering fireground applications and recruit training. Includes taking a hydrant, soft suction lay, pulling a hotline, long suction lay shoulder load, above ground rope bag, 2 1/2" rope bag, 3" straight and highrise.

Code 3 Driver Training An important 20-minute video for all public safety personnel, especially emergency vehicle drivers. Updated for 2007.

Wellness Firefighter fitness section including Biddle and LBFD Physical Agility Test information and how to videos.

Paradise Gardens Fire Video Numerous trapped victims at a large apartment complex fire in Long Beach. Video by Rich Cowgill, Dan Lundgard, Knieya Richardson and Steve Berger. Edited by Sue Feller for the 35th Annual Long Beach Fire Department Meritorious Awards.

Rescue Video Long Beach Fire rescues a jogger trapped under a bus in front of Milikan High School.

Trapped Tree Trimmer Another LBFD technical rescue video captured by Rich Cowgill.

Photos Long Beach Search and Rescue successfully typed a Type 2 Medium Urban Search and Rescue vehicle. It is the first vehicle of its type staffed by an Explorer Post in the state.

Thermal Imaging camera (no audio) inside O'Cadys live fire prop on 11/14/06.

Live Fire exercise photos. Includes: ventilation, forcible entry and residential structure fires.

Day 31 Photos. Recruit live fire exercises and 1 & 3/4" hoselay evolutions.

Day 27 Class 2006A photos practicing Block 2 Skills.

John Lyman Photos of the LBFD Training Center Staff and Recruits in the drill yard for live fires.

Day 16 & 17 Recruit photos.

Extrication Firefighter video of a trapped victim rescued from an overturned vehicle at Los Coyotes and Willow in Long Beach.

Week 4 Recruit Academy photos.

More 2006A Photos Class 2006A practicing EMT rotations, climbing ladders and sounding a roof.

New Ladder Videos Recruit Ladder Drills with grade sheets.

Drag & Drop Simulations were recently upgraded with smoke animations by Knieya Richardson.

MCI Drill On April 22nd we participated in the 2006 Triennial Airport Exercise at the Long Beach Airport. Here are some video highlights.

Rapid Intervention with TIC  A video demonstration of what it looks like without a thermal imaging camera and what the camera sees.

RIC Drill Photos of our multi company drill using the new thermal imaging cameras to locate downed Firefighters. The scenario is that 2 Firefighters are missing and off the hose line. Rapid Intervention Crew teams made up of Engine Companies and USAR are activated to locate the missing Firefighters.

Attic Fire on Sunfield. This new FireChannel video shows why we drop start chain saws.

Garage Fire well involved and starting to extend to the exposure in North Long Beach on January 8. Videographer Rich Cowgill was first on scene.

Recruit Photos. Some highlights of 2005A.

Night Drill Photos - Recruit Class 2005A

Managing Learning; Head Hand & Heart. PowerPoint recently presented by Dr. Resurreccion and Captain Steve Raganold at the 10th Annual CA Fire Chiefs Association Training Symposium. Click here for free training material including the original PowerPoint presentation.

Car Fire Photos. LBFD Training Instructors light up another car for the Recruits.

Car Fire Photos

Recruit photos 2005A day 26 operations including a simultaneous debris and car fire.

O'Cady's Live Fire Video of one of the day 23 live training fires. We tested our new thermal imaging cameras and they recorded ceiling temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees.

2005A Photos from Day 23

2005 A 1st live fires  Video of recruits observing fire behavior and attacking live fire in O'Cady's Hotel.
Slide Show of Fire DayPhotos in the Drill Yard on the first fire day.

Day 21 Slide ShowDay 21 Operations photos of 2005A Academy. More photos from Day 20.

Water Display by LBFD Crash Units at Long Beach Airport. Video of an American Airlines Jet retuning from the Katrina hurricane relief effort. Fire Department members Paul Rodriguez and Reies Montes receive a heroes welcome.

More Topanga Fire photos from Chief Kiesewetter.

LBFD Recruit Class 2005A operations photos from day 17. More photos from day 16

Topanga Fire Photos. Long Beach Strike Teams assigned to structure protection putting out spot fires and getting briefed before putting a stop to fire approaching 25 homes today. Also one shot of the Conejo Park Mutual Aid Strike Team leaving Training for their assignment.

Alert 3 response photos at runway 30 by Knieya Richardson. LBFD Crash Units, Engine Crews, Trucks, ALS and BLS EMS Units and Command was ready for a Jet Blue airbus with the front landing gear turned at a 90-degree angle from its normal position if it needed to land at Long Beach.

2005A Skills. Captain Rexwinkel took these photos on Day 9 of the LBFD Academy.

Power Tool Orientation photos. From the morning of day 5 - 2005A Recruit Academy.

2005A Recruits Days 1-3 of the Academy. Photos by Captain Rexwinkel.

Recruit Class 2005A Orientation Photos

Overturned Cargo Tanker
Hazmat fuel spill mutual aid incident at the 710 freeway transition to the 405. A car was pinned under one 1203 cargo tanker that collided with another. The 2nd tanker overturned and was leaking fuel. No injuries were reported and hazmat was contained.

LBFD USAR and Train Photos. Heavy Rescue units briefly responded to a 12 car train derailment. There were no injuries or hazmat.

Flashover Training for Long Beach Marine Safety Officers. Cell phone video and photos from inside the flashover container by Captain Jim Rexwinkel.

3060 Goldstar. Multi story apartment fire photos.

Fundamentals of Roof Ventilation Low Pitch Roof. Fire operations training video with Captain Robbie Grego.

CM Safety Message Short video to employees from the Long Beach City Manager.

Code 3 Driver Training Important 20 minute LBFD video for drivers responding code 3.

LBFD Rescuing the Community-One Youth at a Time Helping our youth is one of the ways we make a difference even if it is one youth at a time. This 20 minute video vividly demonstrates the damage that is done by senseless youth and gang violence.

Engineer Exam photos.

4.9 GHz Public Safety microwave radio frequency demonstration and test on May 18th at Long Beach Training Center and our ECOC. Live real time video of a fire and extrication was streamed remotely to command. Click above for the slide show.

Refinery fire video . On April 16, 2005 at approximately 3AM LBFD and LACO Fire responded to reports of a refinery fire.  Apparently it started when a 8" high pressure supply line burst and ignited in the hot temperatures surrounding the refinery and a 2nd alarm was called. Firefighters held the flames at bay and cooled the valves until the fuel could be safely shut off. Total time until knockdown was approximately 90 minutes and there were no injuries.

Photos of Blimp rescued at The Long Beach Airport.

Single Family Dwelling Fire Simulation exercise by Battalion Chief Tom Kiesewetter. If you would like more of these, have comments or suggestions, please reply here.

Simi Valley Brush Fire   Dramatic video shot by Troy Case, Rich Cowgill and Steve Berger during the Firestorms of 2004.

Complex extrication captured on tape by Rich Cowgill. Unit Citation is presented by Mark Kriski and Michaela Pereira.

Disaster Response Mutual Aid video featuring some rare LBPD footage of the Long Beach Riots.

Squirt Ladder Operations photos.

Annual Hose Test,Pump and SCBA Certification photos.

Engineer Academy Pumping Class in The Port of Long Beach photos.

Animal Rescue TV and Rich Cowgill present this video clip of 2 dogs rescued out of the LA River.

La Conchita Incident video. USAR units from the Long Beach Fire Department were among several crews that braved hazardous conditions to help Ventura County authorities in the search and rescue effort. photos

LBFD Technical Rescue Team photos at The La Conchita Incident in Ventura

Fire behavior video from under smoke and flames at O'Cadys Hotel as vertical ventilation is in progress. Some "frame Grab" photos can also be seen here

Boeing Company sponsored the Annual Airport Burn Drill at The Long Beach Airport.